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Cybercriminals pose a significant threat to all businesses with an online presence.
Fortunately, you have options to protect yourself with networking security professionals. Our team at Alpha IT Solutions provides IT cloud security in King of Prussia, Abington, Cheltenham, Levittown, PA, Trenton, Hamilton, NJ, and the surrounding areas.

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Cyber security support in Cheltenham, PACyber Security Support

Our cyber security team assesses your network to find potential vulnerabilities.
We look for weaknesses in your software, systems, and databases. Allow us to perform an IT security network assessment to begin building your defenses.

Network Security

Hackers may attempt to access your company’s network.
We look for weaknesses in the system by focusing on known tactics utilized by cybercriminals. Our team provides you with a complete network security report before adding additional security features.

IT Cloud Security

IT Cloud Security provides you with an extra layer of protection when you store information in the cloud.
We understand the risks and benefits that come with cloud storage and provide you with security procedures that help keep your info safe.

Woman viewing laptop with networking security in Hamilton, NJCyber Security Compliance (HIPAA)

Medical facilities must store medical records in many cases. Therefore, we ensure that your company has appropriate security to protect this sensitive information. You can get started by completing our security assessments and compliance forms, providing information about your:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Phone number
  • User count

We will get back to you quickly after you reach out to us for help.

Firewall cyber security support in Abington, PAFirewall, Spam Protection, Ransomware, Anti-Virus

Contact us to get basic and advanced security features set up for your business.
Spam protection and firewalls help you avoid security threats altogether, while anti-virus programs provide you with an additional layer of protection.

Email Encryption

Want to protect the information you send to your clients and employees?
Consider email encryption to secure every message you send from your company. We handle the encryption programs for you. Allow us to assess all your needs with a basic IT security network assessment.

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You can get the cyber security support you want in Pennsylvania and New Jersey from Alpha IT Solutions. We handle both networking security and cloud IT security to provide you with an increased sense of confidence about the safety of your information.

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