Cloud IT Services, IT Cloud Security, & Hosted Servers for Hamilton, Trenton, NJ, Cheltenham, Levittown, King of Prussia, Abington, PA, and the Surrounding Areas

Cloud IT Services

Cloud technology represents the future of data storage for many companies in King of Prussia, Abington, Cheltenham, Levittown, PA, Trenton, Hamilton, NJ, and the surrounding areas. Our team at Alpha IT Solutions provides cloud IT services to clients in these areas.

We handle cloud hosting services designed to meet the needs of your company. You can count on us to provide you with cloud IT solutions, IT service management, and to set up cloud email hosting for your business. Begin the process today by calling us today.


Cloud IT Services in Abington, PA, showing the connection between data and devices

Cloud IT services from cloud to devices in Levittown, PACloud IT Solutions

Cloud hosting provides solutions to many challenges companies face in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our team can help you review the uses of the following:

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Hybrid cloud

We work closely with our clients to provide infrastructure to software services. We Help you find solutions that work for your company while reviewing all the pros and cons of transferring your data to the cloud.

Cloud Email Hosting

Cloud email servers allow everyone on your staff to access their email quickly. Office 365 provides easy use through a cloud server. Your employees can reply to emails and collaborate with team members from devices if they work from home or the office.

This system comes with built-in security to help you feel more confident about protecting your data.

Hosted Servers

Hosted servers provide you with options to handle the infrastructure of your company. You can add security to your servers to protect any data you store in the cloud. We recommend considering anti-virus options as well as firewalls and spam filters.

We provide a risk assessment for any information stored in your cloud server. Contact us or call today to see how we can help.


Hosted servers

Hosted desktops and networking security in Trenton, NJHosted Desktops

Want to host desktops for your employees? Cloud services allow you to provide access to tools like G-Suites and QuickBooks for your employees. We walk you through the process when you contact our data center.


Virtualizations allow you to partition your physical servers, moving them to several virtual services. This process provides you with enhanced data backups. Storing your data in the cloud helps you avoid information loss.

Set Up a Cloud System With Our Team

You can find the cloud IT solutions you want by reaching out to our team at Alpha IT Solutions. We handle the cloud IT services that help your company adapt to the changing world of technology. Contact us for cloud hosting services, including cloud email hosting, by calling (215) 550-1222.


  • Office 365
  • G-Suites
  • Anti-virus
  • Quickbooks
  • Infrastructure to software
  • Data centers